Work from home has become a virtual work culture with the onset of Covid-19 pandemic. There were many employees who have been present in the work from home jobs but were unable to balance and handle between their regular office jobs and work from home jobs. Generally people opt for a work from home for a bit extra income project because even earning a high salary causes inconvenience to spend money for basic amenities.

The work from home culture has become a full time job for everyone who wants to give equal time to extra or part time work. This pandemic has introduced the globe to work from home jobs.

Here are some jobs that are meant for work from home and also help to earn cash –

Data entry

– Data entry jobs are the highest and most common. If anyone wants to start doing a job data entry is the first thing that comes to the mind. It has a lot of scope especially in work from home. But there is a suspicion of fraud websites who provide such jobs and ask for security deposit. So even if there are genuine data entry jobs they also come in the negative trap of a person. Data entry jobs can include anything from typing to feeding data on excel sheet. This job pays adequate cash. One has to have sound knowledge of excel.

Online Writer/Content Writers

– Writing is an art of expressing oneself. It involves having good English addiction and command of the language. A writer is someone who loves to play with words, phrases and gives a punch of sense of humor in their writing. Writing seems to be an easy job but it still requires a lot of brainstorming because it is a create field. As a writer it requires one to be different and have a unique style of writing that can associate with the masses.

Travel Agents

– A travel agent job cannot be really put in a 9-5 job. Travel industry is a 24*7 affair. A travel agent is someone who has deep knowledge of the industry theoretically and most importantly practically. Travel industry is one such industry that can never fail so easily. Everyone is travelling be it for work or informally with friends, family and even solo. As a travel agent in work from home job one can earn good commission. A client looks up to the travel agent for reservation in hotels, travel tickets, transport and also food and can give discounts on tickets during the festive season.

Web Developers

– Many start-ups, businesses and even corporate sectors require one person who can help them reach out to the audience through technical mediums. Web developers are such important humans who are required for the creation and designing of websites that can attract the audience of all ages. Today even a teenager is able to develop a web and is earning more than the corporate or even government employee. Web developers create websites that can help in getting maximum traffic and gives digital marketing a boost.


– Transcribing jobs have gained popularity and have created their own identity as a job that is done worldwide. Transcribing can be done on audios, videos or anything. There are people who are doing online transcribing jobs for voice over companies and international projects. In this one has to hear an audio or see a video and type and the payment is hourly, or weekly or even monthly.


– Today people are gaining popularity with video logging. They create videos on travel, cooking, dance, fitness, make-up and many more. People have their own video channel that helps them earn well or sometimes more than their regular jobs. Youtube is the most accessed medium for Vloggers.

Online Teachers

– Teaching as a profession is growing tremendously be it offline or even online. When people say teaching is the best job in the world they actually mean it. The only problem in our country is that it is said in a more traditional mindset that it is the best field for girls but this field is best for everyone. If one has done a teacher training course they automatically get the confidence of being able to teach online to any age group. This is one field where one can never be jobless. After a point of time at a certain age one can feel tired in the corporate world thanks to the companies who suck ones energy and makes them tired. But a teaching job can be done even online and can fetch one good amount.

Food Bloggers

– We live in a country where food is everything. We can fall short of everything but food. Food bloggers are more popular amongst the younger generation. One does food blogging for a restaurant or for a food chain. They travel within the country and internationally and taste the spices and dishes of every culture and tradition and blog about on their websites. This attracts people to travel more and taste authentic food of a particular place or region.


– During this quarantine period there have been many online surveys floating on social media especially Facebook. These online surveys are based on today’s trends and changes on the mindset of young adults and the older generation. One has to search of sites that give online survey jobs and pay better.

Virtual Assistant

– Virtual assistants help in the overall functioning and operations of businesses and companies. They are independent contractors who work from any location for their clientele base. There is no shortage of jobs but one has to get the right jobs for themselves. Virtual assistant jobs complete the needs and wants of every job field.

Work from home jobs have taken a bigger step forward in making its presence being felt. They have equal or more opportunities at times. It is only about us how we see and aware ourselves of such opportunities. The Covid-19 has made people aware and available to work from home jobs.