Everyone has their own perspective on how to consider someone as a great leader and the qualities that he should possess. Leadership isn’t a fixed package that you should apply to all the situations similarly. It can be different in all the situations and different strategies are adopted to deal from task-to-task. A great leader takes the help of his/her resources and the environment of that particular sitting to motivate the team he/she is working with. However, there are some must-have qualities for a leader to possess in order to get basic tasks done. A team will work its best if the leader is doing his/her job correctly. Not only it will motivate them to work whole-heatedly, but also improve productivity with a huge margin. A great leader will develop its team members as a leader themselves for their future. They always keep working on establishing a good bond with the team on an emotional and personal level and rewarding them from time-to-time. A quality which also contributes to the making of a great leader is being transparent with your team and not hiding facts and figures with them. This makes them feel like a security element in the organization, thereby, extracting their true potential. A great leader also takes full responsibility for the failures of his team and never get into blame-game.

A great leader must have these five qualities to be successful in his/her ventures:

Have Faith:

A leader must have firm faith in what he believed and started with. If you, yourself, are confused that will this idea work or not, you are not going to convince the team anyway. And once you showed firm belief, worked on it, listened to other’s inputs, and managed to have a great team, you are all set for your successful ride on this path.

Take Tough Decisions:

A great leader sacrifices a lot in order to provide what his/her team needs. Many families are getting fed on your idea and not only your family but all of your team’s families too. It is a huge responsibility and you have to think of other families first, even before yours.

Respect the Team:

If you can’t respect your team members or if you are working in an office, and you can’t respect or show empathy towards your colleagues, no one will ever take you seriously and you could never be a leader. When you will respect the team, in return you will be respected and your team will look up to you when they’d need someone.

Know your Team:

As a leader, you should know the positives and negatives of your staff individually. If you can solve someone’s problem easily, you should immediately offer them help even if it is going to cost you some bucks. This quality also works in our day-to-day lives. Be kind and keep helping.

Don’t Pressurise:

A great leader never forcefully asks his/her team to follow the steps he/she is going on. She just sets an example, if the team will like it, they’d automatically follow, if they are not clear, a good leader is always open to questions to clear the team’s confusion. Your chances of being a successful business leader can be expanded by having the right mentor like Charles Field Marsham. Charles Field Marsham is a Canadian entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in building businesses.