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Today’s competitive and dynamic business world requires the top management to be vigilant and proactive, otherwise a business can dive from boom to bust within the blink of an eye. It requires meticulous planning and preparation prior to opening doors for business, and once the business gains the momentum it requires the execution of those plans in a systematic and timely manner so that the business can grow and survive in the competitive environment.

We list a few of the primary essentials which require special attention: 

Financial backing:

Adequate finances can be the difference between the success or failure of a business. A detailed plan should be laid out of the company operations and the demand for its products/services within its targeted market. If any external funding for the business is on the cards, a business model and all the financial projections shall be presented in such a way to the potential investors, which would convince them that the business will grow and yield returns on their investment.

Any business, irrespective of its size, requires money for aspects other than those which are guaranteed by yourself, such as marketing, advertisements and branding.

To start and operate a business smoothly, financial backing is essential as it helps the company get off the ground. One may have launched a business, but to keep the business form drowning, you must be able to pay for the direct or indirect overheads, employee development and other necessities. Essential funding must be secured before a business launch, which will ensure that the business will not fall into the ditch during the critical first year of business operation.

External financing can be obtained through different sources such as angel investors, friends and family or crowdfunding. Still, as we discussed earlier, all or any of these arrangements must be made beforehand at the right time, to the right degree.

Know your target audience

Accurate identification and Pinpointing the target audience before the business startup may seem an easy task, but the impact this will have on other factors is of utmost importance.

Accurate and clear audience identification will help you place the marketing budget, which will produce fruitful results. It will also help you identify the percentage of the area of the target audience with the most potential for growth. If the target audience is identified, they can be approached in a manner that appeals to them, i.e. young audience demographic is most active on social media platforms. You can further enhance your products and services for your target demographic, and you would have already identified and studied their behaviour.

Product and service personalisation is in demand, which can only be achieved by audience identification.

Recruit the right people

The success of a business ultimately relies on the strength of its employees. For a business that interacts with its target audience primarily through employees, having a strong man force is absolutely essential. Otherwise companies face huge setbacks due to weak employee performances. This should be avoided at all cost by putting together an excellent team which is passionate about their work; this adds to the success of a business.

To gather a robust and efficient team, extensive and smartly executed interviews must be conducted to pick the best talent. This would be only possible if your business is well known through proper branding. This may be difficult if the hiring is done before the business opens its doors.


Other major and important factors to name a few such as Economic conditions the business will operate in, Political stability, wealth distribution amongst the public also may effect a business directly or indirectly. Special emphasis should be given to planning and placing protective measures against any hurdle that a business may face.


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