Pets are not only a part of the family. Rather they are part of human life. The pets, especially dogs, offer companionship and act as emotional support in your life. People cannot help but value them in their life along with the important persons. Quite naturally, you want to see the pet safe and not hurt anyhow anytime.

Here comes the matter of keeping them leashed or not. But being leashed, the pet cannot be it’s own and cannot roam around freely. This is why the electric fence is doing good to keep the dog safe and secure for a long time now.

What is a DIY electric fence?

With the increasing popularity of electric dog fences, the manufacturers are trying to offer different products. You can get underground and aboveground, wireless too with wire, portable and fixed, and more variety in the fences. Another addition to this list of varieties is a hot wire electric fence or DIY electric fence for dogs.

Though some people do not still rely on the system so strongly, the experts have mentioned that this is one of the reliable and feasible options to keep your pet confined within the yard of your house for safety from unknown conditions. This system is also useful as it makes the pet learn how to behave with the system and why they require it to stay within their boundaries.

For this specific type of fencing, you need to follow the guidelines to make the system work in its best possible mode. You need to follow the instructions well. If needed, you should do some research and make sure you make the right decision for your pet and your family. You can’t deny that both are your responsibility, and you cannot leave either.

People who are tired of the tantrums of their over-enthusiast dogs and looking for some solution that will be durable must try the DIY electric fence for dogs. This will provide you the opportunity to keep them in complete control, and they will learn to resist themselves when required.

The fierce species try to jump or climb the traditional fences and can destroy your complete investment for the system you have made to control the keep the dog within your boundaries. You need hot wire electric fences that can control the rage of the ferocious dogs, along with providing them the space to enjoy their own and play and exercise as they wish to.

The most useful part for pet lovers is that the system is neither too costly and nor cost-effective. You can invest once in the system to make the movement of your lovable pet safe and secure from the external forces that can become life-threatening for the dog. The longer durability makes the experience more interesting and reliable.

Steps to Follow For Setting up the Fence

To create or build a hot wire electric fence, you need to follow certain steps, which may take some time. But that is one-time. You don’t have to provide the time regularly.

Ø  You need a hot wire roll to start with. Though experts prefer poly string for longevity, you can take aluminum wire as a beginner.

Ø  You will need some accessories like a metal grounding stake, three hose clamps, wires capable of conducting electricity, and a wire tester to start the work and check the progress gradually.

Ø  To begin with, you have to fix the clamps, each with the grounding stake, and then connect the electric wire from one stake to the other tightly. The tester will help you to examine if the wires are tightly connected.

Ø  An electric fence box is necessary to complete the setup. A lower watt box is enough as the process needs very low electric conduct, which is enough for the dogs to be safe.

After you are ready with all the accessories to set up the DIY electric fence for dogs, you must decide about the place and area to be fenced. If you want to keep the format easy, you should follow the physical fence outline, which will minimize the workload. But to connect the whole area with the wire is somewhat tricky.

You need to use your brain and take some shortcut to save the wire and still cover the area with a wired system for keeping your dog confined within the yard without being leashed. You can escape running along with the land when you cover the area with a fence.

Using a weather-proof electric box is another must for the system to work effectively. But it must be capable of tolerating the different weather conditions. You just need to hang it from some wooden wall to minimize the chances of an accident.

The place where you have screwed the electric box will receive the grounding stakes right below. Keep the minimum distance of 1-2 feet among the three stakes while putting. Ground them safely with the clamps you have brought and make sure the wires connected to the clamps are completely connected and secured.

You need to place the insulator in the ground, too, to complete the system. Set the insulator 6-20 inches off the ground for better effect. This helps hold the hot wire and doesn’t allow the wire to touch the fence and get shorted out. The length of the insulator depends on the length of the fence you are trying to build to cover the complete boundary of your place.

Decide on the starting point and string the hot wire with the ending to the insulator. Now, stretch the hot wire from one insulator to another. Once you reach the electric box, make sure you connect the main hot wire to the box. Connect the wire with the one dangling from the box and twist them all, and you are very close to the completion of building the DIY electric fence for dogs.

You need to test the fence and the electric box and become sure if the system is working and the electric supply is happening in the desired way. You can bring the dog outside also to check if all the portion of the fence is working with the same intensity.

You also have to be confident about the voltage you require as per the species and its characteristics you have in your house. You can use 700-1000 volts for the fencing to control dogs in the yards, and this low voltage is appropriate for the job.

From installing the system to making your choice, you have all the necessary facts in your hand. You just have to use them in the best possible way to set up the best system for your dog to be safe and active within the confinement. You need to rely on the system and the accessories as you don’t have any other complete solution like this for keeping your dog safe and healthy at the same time. 


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