Facing shortage of funds despite being in job or out of job is a common aspect of our life. Sometimes, unemployment period becomes long to drag you in financial crisis. Many times, some emergency needs also require extra cash even while you earn fixed income if you are unemployed also. The only way left to meet out the short- amount cash need is to follow the alternative route to earn cash. 

  1. Make Money by using Smartphone Apps: There are numbers of mobile apps that pay some money to the first time users. The money is paid for references also. If one user refers the App to another user, first user gets cash back or redeem point or gift card, while, the other new user gets discount coupon and other privileges. This money making opportunity has no geographical boundaries, so, you can try it from anywhere and anytime.
  2. Tutoring: If you are the master in a particular subject and you have a university degree, you can start tutoring the students of your community for a fee. You can conduct classes at your home or you may go to student’s home. If you get a chance to teach a student staying at distance from your home, you can crush this distance by conducting online class. This work offers tremendous earning opportunities; even, you can make it full time job also.
  3. Become Representative of a Renown Brand: It is a time tested quick money earning way. Almost all the leading brands are always on the search of smart representatives who could sell or promote their products / services. Creating inquiries, selling the products, promoting the brand, building the community of brand loyalists, providing after sales support are different areas where you can offer your service. The payouts are often made on commission basis. The work can be done full time or part time as per your convenience.
  4. Car Washing: Although it looks like a low profile job but the demand is high because everyone is busy and hardly has time to clean the car but loves to drive a washed car. It is the job of few hours per day especially in the morning; you are free for the rest of day. The monthly income is low but it needs very few hours allowing you to go for job hunting or to try other means to earn quick cash.
  5. Freelance Writing: It is a decent earning way but it needs knowledge and experience along with command over the language. The earning scope is unlimited and demand is increasing fast. You can fix your working hours according to the income required. It is a never ending road to earn good being in your comfort zone. The remuneration is paid on the basis of write ups delivered. Freelance writers are required for different tasks like promotion, branding, tag line creation, slogan writing etc.
  6. Start Conducting Survey: The numbers of brands need the experienced professionals to conduct the surveys in particular consumer segments with different perspectives like for finding the shortcomings in newly launched products, expectation of target consumers, satisfaction level of existing users, experience with website etc. The surveys are conducted over the phones or through personal visits; and, you have to ask some simple questions. The payouts are made on the basis of numbers of surveys conducted.
  7. Selling online: Selling online through leading ecommerce websites like Amazon or eBay or to sell at your own ecommerce website is a decent earning opportunity with bright earning potential. You will find numbers of products that are always in regular demand. You can buy these items from the origin source and can sell at ecommerce website by saving the middleman’s profit. Today, people prefer to buy online.   
  8. Become Graphic Designer: You don’t necessarily need to be a good artist. The advanced designing software and programs have crushed this limitation but you must have creative concepts. Imagination power is something that leads you to succeed. You must be perfect in using the online tools to create astonishing graphics often needed by every business to establish their identity.
  9. Consultant: Whatsoever your specific professional field is, you can become the consultant. You can start working a business consultant , recruiting consultant, wedding consultant, career consultant, home making consultant, wellness consultant etc. The most of these ways to earn some quick cash need no investment but your directional efforts with specific knowledge.
  10. Become owner of paying guest home: If you are in need of some quick cash, you will have to compromise a little with your comfort. Adjust your household items in a better way to vacate a room; this room can be offered for paying guest. Numbers of students and short-term visitors to your city always hunt affordable stay outs with family environment and support; it is a long-term no investment earning concept.

The numbers of people doing part time job for extra earning are increasing fast because more people are experiencing the never ending problems after taking funds from friends or direct lenders. Borrowing is good to deal with emergency expenses but only if you are left with no other way to get quick cash. Even if you borrow, it is must to repay the debt back at the earliest. Here, you need to effort extra for earning more.

Earning extra is not much difficult, especially, if you are committed to do it. There are numbers of ways to become a better earner year after year as your expenses increase; and, you can select the best suitable as per your interest, investment capacity, financial goals, available working hours, education, experience etc. However, being financially disciplined is also as important as earning extra. The benefits of extra earning stay with you only if you follow a perfect budget plan with commitment for debt free life.