Expecting a baby on the way is happy as well as a stressful time for the parents. Despite everything, it is a period to celebrate in high colours for family, relatives and friends. The future moms have too many things to do and manage like regular doctor’s appointments, baby shopping, baby proofing the spaces in house despite having to be uncomfortable because of physical changes. Baby shower has become a widely followed trend all across the world. It is time to celebrate the welcoming of a new life. The numbers of advice are given by the experienced mums about what to do and what not do during or after the pregnancy.

The major objective of throwing a baby shower party is to shower the would-be mother with all the necessary support, advice and blessings with good gifts. When you get an invitation for baby shower party, the very first question that comes into mind is about the suitable gift for pregnant women. Market stores are flooded with baby shower gifts but choosing the best one within reasonable price range often becomes a challenge.

How to Choose the Best Gift for a Pregnant Lady:

How to choose gifts for pregnant woman

  1. Consider the needs: The best strategy to go for choosing the gift for a baby shower party is to consider the craving of would-be mother. Cravings are the part of pregnancy period experiences; the urge to eat increases because of imposed limitations. Food may be the area to be explored.
  2. Fill the air with positivity: If the lady is an avid reader, you might think to gift a book that could deliver positivity. Having positive thoughts is the need of hour. You can explore some books, music and places that could transfer positive notes to sooth the mother-to-be.
  3. Look for their comfort: Making the mother-to-be more comfortable may be your gift search criteria. Consider the things that can enhance the comfort or can give them relief from day to day pain, stress or pressure. Here, you can consider massage tools, body pillow, neck rests etc.
  4. Look for utility: The mothers need lots of items to care for the newborn baby; and, there is no shortage of kids care items in the marketplace. Before picking up any, you should consider the family size also. Selection varies on the basis whether the lady already has a child or it is first child. Considering a utility item like a bathtub, kid’s bath care kit, kid’s massage oil etc may be a good way to choose the gift for mother-to-be.
  5. Consider the personality trait: Very few would – be mums would appreciate receiving a bottle of non-alcoholic wine or cocktail as the baby shower gift. Similarly, most would – be mothers wouldn’t like to have a baby outfit. Just sit and think about their needs and likings.

Seven Thoughtful Gifts for Pregnant women:

  1. Pregnancy Massage: All pregnant women need it because pregnancy is not a comfortable period. They are lugging a baby all around, massive boobs, amniotic fluid etc. A couple of pregnancy massage vouchers would do good to any pregnant women. Baby shower spa day voucher costing about £50 is a good gift idea. ‘Blooming Lovely Pregnancy Massage Gift Voucher’ is also a good option; it comes with three months of validity.
  2. Pregnancy Care Kit: It has all the needful things and accessories that an expectant mother would need. It contains some massage oils, tissue papers, tea bags, and many other items to make the mothers comfortable. It has great utility value even if the would-be mother plans to travel. Mama Mio pregnancy skincare range may be a good pick. Wellbeing Gift Set Kit from Indigo Herbs may also be a good pick for pregnant women.
  3. Brunch Kit: Cravings become more powerful during the pregnancy period. Touch the heart by giving a  charming box filled with assorted food items. Numbers of homemade and handmade food items are available in stores that give a wide range of options to choose the best according to her personal taste. If know her liking, giving food items of her taste is the best way to remind her about your support and feelings.
  4. Pregnancy Journal: It is a good gift for pregnant women who love reading to get new ideas for the improved life; and, they need lots of practical ideas to care for their newborn child. Pregnancy Journal gives numbers of advice for almost any need of infant and new mother. It also facilitates the mother to note down their experiences during pregnancy period and share with needy women. The notes in pregnancy journal become a lifelong asset.
  5. Set of Maternity Wear: Stores are flooded with maternity wear because these are the primary need of all the pregnant women. Even if she has one or two already, she would like to expand her wardrobe collection for the pregnancy period. The loose gowns ensure to have good sleep. You can select some designer wear also for her outing time also.
  6. Total Body Pillow: It is an excellent gift item for the pregnant woman if you want to express your concerns about her comfort. Lying cosy on this body pillow for hours make her relax and painless. Its great utility value makes it a great gift that others would hardly choose. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Every day when she will set herself in it, she will surely have thought of you. It costs between £ 30 to £50.
  7. Maternity Belt: It is a novice gift idea. The maternity belt serves as a supporting brace for the growing belly with pregnancy progress. It goes around the lower stomach above the waist. It is made of durable breathable mesh material. It provides lift and much required back support while moving. It costs around £ 20- 30.

A pregnant woman needs lots of items for personal and baby care. Most first-time mother has little knowledge about the requirements; so, it is better to support their unknown requirements by gifting the items that they can use immediately or later.