India is an incredible treasure trove for travellers. The vast and diverse country introduces tourists to a kaleidoscope of culture, history, heritage, architecture, adventure, and experiences. whichever of the India tour packages you choose. The hotels are wonderful, the food amazing, and the people hospitable and every moment spent exploring the country worth cherishing.

For travellers from the UK, India is a different world and a very different experience. If you are planning to visit India, you need to be prepared with information about how to go, its weather, what to pack, where to go, what to do, and more. To keep you ready for a life-changing holiday.

Here are certain things that you must know before planning a trip to India from UK.


Let’s start with the Indian weather. Much different from the UK, Indian weather has three distinct seasons- summer, monsoon and winter. Each of the seasons has a reason to plan a visit to the country. The first thing to know before making travel plans for India is the weather.

Summer in India lasts between March to May, with temperatures ranging between 15 and 45. The plains are hot and stuffy while the hill towns enjoy pleasant weather that was the reason that the British made their homes in the hills.

While rain is not something new in the UK, travellers on a tour to India must be prepared for the Indian monsoon. The season lasts from July to September. Owing to the diversity of the country, rains are of different kinds. From light showers to heavy rains, constant downpour to high humidity, the weather is unpredictable yet a blissful time.

The winter season in India arrives by October and stays till February. December and January are months of utmost cold weather while the temperature ranges from 12 to 32. The days are sunny and nights cold. The winter weather is the most similar to a cool summer in the UK. Traditionally, winter is the best time to travel to India.

Travel to India and within the country

Travel from India to the UK is easy and hassle-free. Direct flights from London Heathrow are available to Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities. Almost daily flights are available to the major destinations in the country with airlines such as Air India, British Airways, etc.

Once you are in India, travelling within the country comes with many options. Intra-city flights are a vast network connecting all the major cities of the country. Also, railways in India are the best in the world. From superfast trains, luxury trains to even the mountain railways, there are options to choose from while exploring India. And, lastly, road trips in India are memorable experiences. While enjoying a comfortable ride on the smooth roads, travelers can enjoy the passing scenery, make stops at interesting places and have a wonderful time exploring India.


Generally, Indian cuisine is known for its spicy flavours with hundreds of ingredients. Though the tastes are mouth-watering, the dishes must be tried cautiously if it’s the first time you are having Indian food. You can even ask to get a non-spicy variety of dishes. However, tourists can get international cuisine and special diets at most restaurants and hotels.


Before planning a trip to India, accommodation must be carefully planned. And, for that, there is no need to worry. Accommodation in India is available in a wide range from luxury hotels of international brands, budget stays, boutique resorts, heritage hotels, houseboats, treehouses, homestays and many more. All lodgings offer personalized services, pampering hospitality and cherished experiences. Book in advance after proper research or get the experts to customize you a holiday package in India with hotels of different categories.

What to pack and what to avoid

Packing plays an important role in planning for a trip to India.

Attire: Choose cotton, full-sleeve clothing and comfortable shoes. Try and dress down a bit or mostly in Indian attires. Try to pack light and shop for whatever you need in India as things, mostly clothes are very cheap in the country. Do not wear flashy clothes, bags and jewellery.

Medicines: Carry medicines for upset stomach, fever, headache or health ailments.

Money & cards: In India, keep cash (Indian rupees) on your travels. You can get your currency converted to Indian currency at the airport. Do carry bank cards but keep them safe.

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In India, guests are treated as “Gods” with the utmost hospitality, but yet some people try to scam. You can assure your safety with a complete India travel package that caters to your travels, sightseeing, transfer and almost everything related to having a memorable time.

But, if you would like to explore on your own, there are few points to keep in mind. Firstly, dress appropriately; do not wear revealing clothes or bizarre attire or expensive clothes and jewellery. Secondly, do not explore on your own after dark. Do not try going anywhere fishy. Do not reveal your travel plans to strangers. Even for shopping, opt for government-authorized places and public markets rather than going off with someone unknown.

Where to go in India

Last but not the least, a holiday in India will be memorable when you actually know where you can go and what you can expect. When making a list of all the things to know before going to India, here is a list of where to go in India.

History: India has a lot of historical places and if you have an interest in the past, there are a number of places to visit and that too from various eras. Check out the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India or Rajasthan or the Golden Triangle circuit to start with the glorious heritage.

Adventure: The diverse geography of the country; ranging from the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas to the deep azure oceans, swift-flowing rivers to lush jungles; adventure abound in India. If you would like to go trekking, river rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving, or wildlife safari; there is much to explore.

Relaxation: India knows to pamper guests and if you seek leisure, then there are beach resorts in Kerala or Goa, boutique resorts in the hill stations or even Yoga and Ayurveda centers where one can find spiritual bliss.

Now, with our handy travel tips, embark on a journey of a lifetime and experience everything there is to cherish in India.


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