The standard living cost of a single person without rent in London is about £ 800.67 as was estimated in 2018 last. The living cost in Britain ranked at 26thout of 441 cities surveyed across the globe. No doubt, the pieces of some essentials have come down in the past couple of years, but many needs are still out of reach or almost affordable because the common man without a job international regular earning. Although the UK Govt. provides job seekers allowance for the unemployed people with straightforward terms and conditions; still, they need extra earnings to level the gaps between the earning from allowance and expenses. The numbers of routes are trending among the unemployed people willing to earn extra in spare time with freedom of location, working hours, working schedule, etc.

How To Choose The Best Way To Make Money When Unemployed:

Just a single search over Google for the ‘new ways to earn extra during unemployment’ gives you numbers of options but many of these may not be right and up to your expectations. Unemployment is a short-term period; therefore, you can’t opt for the earning opportunities that need investment even a small amount like for registration or membership. Many websites invite part-time workers to sell their products, but these websites sell a demo kit at a price. To choose the best way to make money when unemployed, introspect for the following:

  • Basic Qualification
  • Technical or specific qualification
  • Experience and job type you are searching
  • Available working hours
  • Available working time per day or weekly but without fail
  • Expected period of getting the regular job that you are searching
  • Possibility to continue part-time after getting a job
  • Personal interest and likings like 1:1 selling, surveying, touring, in-house working, etc.

6 No- Investment Ways To Earn When Unemployed Which Is Legal:

  1. Doing online surveys:

The importance of online surveys is being recognized by all the Fortune 2000 companies and leading brands that emphasize to know what the target customer segment wants and how the previous offerings got a response. Numbers of web sites publish the openings for the online surveyors. The payment is made on the base of the names of surveys completed. This job doesn’t need any specific qualification unless it is high technology. It is entirely free to get enrolled with a survey site. The return for your efforts may be in the form of cash, gift card, prize, etc. The best way to do it is to join dozen of legit panels to sufficient workload.

  1. Working as a volunteer:

The numbers of research projects need volunteers for the short-term. The fixed payment is made by the institution; therefore, payment is secured. The best part is that you learn a lot under the guidance of subject experts. If you get a chance to work as a volunteer in your particular trade, it certainly helps you get a better salary job as the experience is counted. As being a part-time and short-term job, you are free to continue it until you get a satisfactory job. The payouts are also hiked as you become experienced in a particular project type.

  1. Reselling unused gift cards:

The high numbers of UK households don’t use gift cards because they don’t make purchases because of the limited funds available. However, there are numbers of people who make purchases from the same brand or store. If the regular shoppers get gift cards at a discounted rate, they take it as the bonus saving. The payment is made instantaneously. You can sell the unused gift cards at the percentage of face value. The numbers of websites have been launched to make safe gift cards transactions. It is better to sell the gift cards and free coupons rather than seeing them going waste after the expiry date.

  1. House sitting:

Don’t you like to lean over computer or laptop for hours? Don’t you want 1:1 selling on a commission basis? Don’t you have a high qualification or any specific training? If yes, it is the best way to earn during the unemployment period. Demand for house sitters in the UK is on the rise as the people prefer to pay a little instead of leaving the homes uncared and unattended in their absence when they go on holiday tours. The duties like feeding pets, collecting mail, watering plants, house cleaning, etc. can be negotiated. You can start as volunteer and referrals may lead you to become a busy house sitter whenever you get time to doing so.

  1. Website auditing:

User testing of a business website is a significant aspect; the importance is being recognized by all the businesses with long-term growth plans. Website audit needs little- bit technical knowledge but not the specific one that requires you to take on specialized training. If you are computer and internet savvy, as you must be, you can take on this task. The free to use Google’s Disavow tool simplifies this task. You need to find the unauthentic bad backlinks as well as other elements that harm the SEO or promotional efforts stopping the rank from going up. Testing the functionality and user-friendliness also come under the scope of this task. The best part of this option is that you can do it lifelong in your spare time to earn extra.

  1. Working as a blogger:

Blogging is an excellent opportunity to earn without investment during unemployment and after getting the job. Just think about your specific interest and trade. Create a blog free of cost at WordPress or Google blogger like open source platforms, and start writing and posting the posts over there. Invest some time in promoting your blog also by creating come backlinks at popular social media platforms. You can decide the publishing schedule as per your own comfort. The worth of your blog increases with the followers’ increase. It supports your professional objectives also. Alternatively, you can write to someone else also like a professional blogger.

Concluding Note:

Unemployment is not a crisis; instead, it is a challenge that should be faced with confidence and the objective oriented strategy. Finance shortage often disheartens the unemployed but the numbers of legal alternative ways to earn during unemployment for short-term help to move on the growth roadmap.