How to Make £1000 in a Week in the UK

Earn 1000 pound in a week

Making £1000 in a week while being out of full-time salaried job seems a dream to many youngsters, but it is possible. Flexible remote working is becoming more and more popular among professionals across the UK. According to ONS, Flexi-time working pattern increased 12.35 % from 2012 up to 2021. The numbers of people working online remotely increased by nearly a quarter of million (242,000) over the decade. Thanks to ever-improving network reach in all the areas and the changing attitude, the half the UK professionals are expected to work remotely online by 2022. If you don’t have a regular paid job allowing you to work from home.

You can try the following tricks to earn £1000 per week:

Search Engine Evaluation:

Search engine evaluator evaluates search engine results in to determine if the results are relevant or not.  Search evaluator determines the relevancy of ranked pages based on particular search phrases, keywords and terms. The payment is pretty good in the industry. To start it, you need to pass an online test. If you pay attention to online study material, you wouldn’t have any problem in passing out this test. Most of the leading brand is hiring part-time search engine evaluators to help them track the results of the marketing plan and to make the amendments in online promotions plans. Some companies offer more than one project also to one search engine evaluator but at different pay rates. You may not earn full £1000/week but equally good to plan and need.


Whatsoever your qualification or educational background may be and whatsoever your experience, and interest may be, blogging is a time tested opportunity to earn in extra time. The increasing demand even allows planning for full time working as a blogger. You can blog as much as you can do in the subject you are more interested. The earning depends upon the contract value and the price you charge. There is a various online platform that invites bids from freelance bloggers. It is a no investment earning opportunity that can make the dream of earning £1000/ week possible.

Virtual Assistant:

The demand for virtual assistants is increasing fast all across the world because the businesses are getting more conscious of space cost saving due to increased rentals. The prime benefit that encourages the businesses and professionals to hire virtual assistants is that they can work even in an odd hour. For example, if a project manager decides the project parameters in last hour of the day, he can get the amendments or the required task completed before reaching the office next day; it means, saving of one day. As Skype or face to face conversation technology is making advances, distances have lost. You can pick the task as per your education, experience, interest and available working hours. The earning depends upon the type of tasks and the available time to work virtually but earning £1000/week is quite possible.

Amazon Seller:

Being an Amazon seller is an excellent trick to earn a handsome amount even and spare time. I am referring to this online store here because it is the leading brand and the most preferred choice of online shoppers; therefore, you get maximum leads. Fulfilled by Amazon is relatively a new model. It allows selling your products through Amazon. The power of a brand helps you earn better with fewer efforts. Many people buy things at a lower price and sell it at Amazon at a better price. A short-term online course may help you understand the whole process. It is a scalable earning opportunity that doesn’t need to have or attend office for particular hours. So, enjoy freedom and earning both.

Apps and Surveys:

You are unlikely to make £1000 through surveys and apps, but it is a good way to earn money from the comfort zone of home. You can do the assigned surveys over the smart-phone phone also; so, you don’t need any dedicated space also. Some people make hundreds per month paid by survey sites and some people make hundreds just by tracking the apps. The earning also depends on your availability and location.

Matched Betting:

The matched betting is not gambling though it seems so. Matched betting is legal in the UK. The earning is tax-free. You will have to learn using the bookies’ free bets. Matched betting clicks making you earn because you always place two bets in parallel. One bet is placed for a specific result while the other is placed against the same result. To know ‘how much should be bet for a particular result ’, you can use online calculators. As you are placing two calculated bets, you don’t lose any money but make money.

Online Tutoring:

If you are out of a job for a while, you can start this business any time with almost no investment. The earning potential depends upon your qualification and subject specialisation. The demand for a virtual online tutor for homework help or to help the students complete the assignments is increasing fast in many countries. This earning opportunity doesn’t put across any geographical barriers. You can decide the working schedule as per your convenience, and you can take the assignments according to the available time. To start, just explore the websites offering online jobs; you will get many offers. Also, almost all online education agencies regularly need online tutors. Only forward your CV, appear for an online interview or written test to start earning even more than £1000/week.

If you plan to earn a handsome amount from working at home with the flexibility of working hours, it is quite possible. You need to decide the target and way to earn that amount. You are free to choose more than one ways for online earning. As the earnings are project-based; so, insecurity always remains there. However, working on more than one project submerges the fluctuations in earning. While starting online working in any mode or in any capacity, go through all the conditions carefully. Although you are your own boss, still, you need to be disciplined.

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