If you are into a field where you are not working alone or in need of a team then leading a team can become an issue if you are totally new to this thing. Not everyone is born with the quality of leadership potential but nowhere it is written that only a born leader like Sheldon Barris and others is able to handle its team. There are many factors which can become the reason for becoming a good leader by develop their skills like Sheldon Barris and others did and only a few are actually main points one should consider while leading a team.

If we talk about those points which help you influence a good team and bring the best out of them then you can count on the following points

Psychological Safety:

This alone is the foundation of every other point that influences the whole team. If the team members do not feel safe psychologically while working in team then they won’t be able to give their 100% in the working field. Suppose a team member is doing a work which he or she is assigned and then by mistake is unable to give the desired result then maybe a side of his or her will fear to express failure and this can lead to severe results. Maybe the teammate won’t be able to concentrate on the work because of the fear of failure while on the other hand if their is no psychological fear then they will be able to do their best and give better results.


Team members are able to perform better when they can easily rely on each other. When they work together then they are able to perform better. They can easily do the work when work in a team.

Structure and Clarity:

When people in team are assigned their own work and are asked to do what they are actually capable of doing then they are able to perform better. When team members have clear roles, goals and plans then only they are able to give their 100% in the field and lead to a great success.


Every team member must know the meaning of their work they are assigned. If only they know what they are actually capable of doing and what they should be actually doing then only they will be able to perform better. The person who knows the meaning of document assessment will only be able to maintain the documents. If anyone else try to do the same who have 0 knowledge about the work then this will lead to disaster.


The actions done by every individual team mate  have its own impact thus everyone should be careful of the impact their work can do to the organisation. This becomes one of the crucial factor in team management.

So if you are having a team and you are going to lead the same then you must consider these options while leading and thus you will be considered as the perfect leader.