Getting some quick cash without borrowing is like a dream. Borrowing is the best seeming option when you need a small amount of money, but it comes with repayment responsibility also that snatches your sleep. Loans often become impossible to repay for numbers of borrowers who need urgent cash the most. Borrowing may be a good option if you are capable of paying back, but if you are already financially tight, you should consider other options.

Are there some rescue ways to help you avoid high-cost payday loan or short-term unsecured personal loan?  Yes, you can avoid the borrowing cost like my friend. My friend Mr Anderson needed £ 1000 (Related: How to Make £1000 in a Week in the UK) to go on an urgent tour because of some family problem. He was short of money, so he tried the online direct lenders for a payday loan as he was in the job. The offered annual percentage interest rate was more than 500% with the condition of paying it back from the future paycheck which was impossible for him. When he requested to make the five equal instalments, the APR was increased up to 700%. He didn’t want to become a trapped prey; so, he explored the alternative ways to get required funds; and, he succeeded. Although it took some time to get cash but he was free from the repayment liability.

Alternative Ways to Avoid Borrowing at a Cost:  

  • Sell the Clothes You Don’t Use:

When you search for the wardrobe or the box under your bed, you will find many clothes that you are not using for over the years. What is the use of these clothes that wouldn’t be used in future also? Why don’t you sell these clothes at a local store or through an online portal? Just click some pictures and upload over the numbers of sites offering selling facility at no cost; within a few days, you will get the cash in hand.

  • Take out a cash advance:

Explore your credit cards; you might be having many as per the tendency of Brits. Usually, Brits have 3 -5 credit cards whether they are using them or not. Some credit cards offer cash advance facility with three-four months interest-free period. Do your credit cards offer this facility? If not, surrender these cards and apply for the new one with interest-free cash advance facility that allows to take out the cash from an ATM up to the card’s credit limit. Santander Everyday Credit Card, Post Office Platinum Card, American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday Card, Tesco Bank Foundation Credit Card, Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card etc. may be your options.

  • Go Green With Recycle Concept:

Just look around your house. You will find many metal or plastic articles lying waste and occupying the space unnecessarily. Why don’t you contribute to protecting the planet by recycling solid waste? You will find many stores taking back the waste materials like old soda cans, aluminium utensils, plastic goods etc. at a decent rate; the cash is given instantly. You may try to sell some items over the internet also, especially, if you have some antique handcrafts or decor items etc.

  • Sell the gift cards:

Many times you get gift cards that you are not going to use because you don’t use the items over which these are applied. Find a friend who is a regular buyer of those items and sell the gift cards that are going to be expired sooner or later. It is a win-win formula. You get the cash against unused gift cards, and the buyer receives an additional discount over the purchases. The cost of gift cards can be decided by the percentage of the discount being offered.

  • Sell The Gold or Silver:

You don’t always use all the gold and silver ornaments, neither, you go to parties daily. Why don’t you sell some ornaments at market price to get instant cash instead of borrowing? You are free to sell any volume low or high as much is needed to get the required money. The best part of this trick is that you can buy back the same volume gold or silver whenever you feel financially comfortable. The other advantage is that you update your ornaments collection according to the latest trends.

  • Look For a Part Time Job In Society:

Everyone has some spare time that is often wasted in unproductive activities. Even if you find even 2 hours spared to work extra that could help you earn money, it is better than getting fast cash without a loan. Babysitting, window cleaning, lawn cleaning, housekeeping, homework help, assignment help etc. are some options you can consider according to your personal interest and capability. Craigslist Gig is a fantastic platform to find lots of opportunities for quick money earning.

  • Rent your car:

If you are not using your car daily or you can afford to go to the workplace by public transport system at the cost of few minutes, renting your car for few days is a good idea to get quick money. The numbers of tour operators need extra cars for day to day renting for their clients. Just contact some reputed tour operators or taxi operators of your area and propose the car rental on day to day basis.

  • Rent a room of home:

If you are living in three rooms home, just think to vacate one room by adjusting the items in two rooms. You can do it quickly because every family has lots of waste items placed in corners or in wardrobes. Sell these items and create the space to rent. Offering paying guest facility is a good option because numbers of visitors to your locality need a homely environment to stay. You can decide the days and facilities like food or car renting or guiding for a local tour etc. To start with, you will have to contact the local real estate agents and tour operators with your proposal. Tapping the students of a nearby school is also a good idea that often clicks.


Borrowing from an online direct lender is instant cash getting solution. It is an excellent facility that comes at a cost. The decision to borrow should be made by affordability to repay on time. If you opt for alternative ways to avoid borrowing from private agencies or friends at a cost, you are free from the stresses of monthly repayment and reduced cash in hand to meet our living expenses.