How To Apply For A Loan Online – Safe

Each information shared online is prone to be misused by the harmful elements. As our dependency upon the internet and online facilities is increasing, a risk of misuse of sensitive personal information is also growing. Like in any other country, British people to rely heavily on online direct lenders to get the instant financial help. The lightning-fast online process is the crucial factor that makes the online loan stores a preferred choice of people in financial crisis. Although the majority of lending portals are designed with high-security features, still, the ill elements are getting smarter. To safeguard yourself from any possible incident of information stealing, you must follow all the safety procedures.

7 tips to Protect Online Personal Information-:

  1. Recognise Scam Sites – You must know who can access the shared information. You must be aware of signs of reputed and trustworthy websites and scam sites. For example, a right lending portal will never ask you pay an upfront fee before processing the loan.
  2. Encrypted Data – You should use a secure browser to guard the online transactions. The encrypted sales are safe against any scam. Before making purchases or sharing the sensitive banking information, check the status bar having “lock” icon that tells that website is safe of sharing the desired information
  3. Make The Password Strong – Creating a strong password is a good practice to protect the financial information and transaction. The password containing a number, capital letter, unique character, the small note is trying to crack. In case, the agency gives you an initial password to start with, change it before starting the process further.
  4. Beware Of Unauthentic Social Sites – Almostdependente highly depends upon the information shared over social media platforms, but some of the data and claims are beyond the reality. Be cautious for scam social media sites. Never share too much personal information, never post the full name, address, account number, card numbers, phone number etc. Unless you are sure about the authenticity of the website.
  5. Avoid Clicking On The Shared Links Or Attachments In Mails: Cybercriminals trick the people to click on the links that seem identical to the relations of a bank, electricity board, gas company, telecom operator, tax department etc. The most of scam site has spelling errors, out-of-the-blue communication, incorrect email addresses etc.
  6. Back-Up The Data – If the mobile, computer, a laptop is infected by ransomware or malware, use the best virus protection system. The best way to ensure retrieving the sensitive information without a loss is to take back up on a regular basis.
  7. Verify The Website – The official website has URL starting with https where “s” stands for “secure.” If you find typographical errors, no security evidence, no recognised symbols on the website, close it down.

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How to Apply For A Online Loan Safe:

Almost 21% of British people accept that they suffered from an online scam. Almost the million UK people became a victim of internet scams in 2017. Scammers stole over £500m from the UK bank account holders in the 1st half of 2018. Almost £145m was robbed through the authorised push payment (APP) scamming by duping the people for licensing a small amount into other accounts. The whopping £358m were lost because of unauthorised frauds, where the authorised transactions were made by the third party. The people looking for new resources to get financial help or cash benefits are more prone to such scams.

To be safe while online borrowing, follow the following measures:

    1. Make sure that lender will see credit history as per the company’ norms. The trustworthy genuine lenders dealing in no credit check credits are always interested in borrower’s credit report because FCA’ guidelines also demand it. If the selected lender is not much concerned about the pending dues, it is suspicious. Any lender claiming for being not concerned for credit reports is may not be right for you.
    2. Different direct lenders use different credit ranking agencies and different ways for a credit check. Credit checks can be categorised as hard credit checks and soft credit checks. The hard credit checks reflect on your credit rating; therefore, each time you apply for bad credit loan, the credit report gets a red flag.
    3. If a lender demands to pay some amount as advance as processing fee or upfront fee, it is suspicious. Spending even the little amount without signing the agreement is sure to drive in lost financial problems.

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