If you are starting up a business and can’t figure what are the steps to become a successful entrepreneur, you would want a mentor who will guide you through the difficulties to help you achieve success. Trust me; having a business mentor will do wonders for sure now as well as in the upcoming future. If you are stuck in a complicated situation you can always seek guidance from your mentor as they are much experienced in this field and will get you out of it. So it is important having a healthy relationship with your business mentor as they know they do and do not’s of business and will guide you.

There are many arguments afloat on why you don’t need a mentor but most of the tech giants have founders who actually had mentors. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being mentored by Steve Jobs. This is probably one reason why you shall get one.

There are a lot of reasons why you should have a business mentor and they are mentioned below.

You will get experience:

Experience is an essential and quite expensive asset. It is an important asset to succeed in business. Having a mentor will allow you to know their personal experiences related to entrepreneurship which will boost an inexperienced entrepreneur’s confidence allowing them to reach their goals.

Success comes with having a mentor:

Research and surveys show a person having a mentor was more prone to success than a person without one. A 2013 survey reports of executive coaching reported that 80 percent of CEO’s had received mentorship and mentorship is vital for success.

Having a mentor increases the chances of leaping toward success. A mentor always analyzes it’s student’s performance, shares solutions to poor performances making it better day by day. Finds mistakes and teaches its students how to correct them. They share their experiences which help the student’s big time.

Connections with Investors:

Investors are more likely to invest in startups that are recommended to them by their friends. A successful mentor is pretty capable and knows a lot of investors that can help you grow. As they know your potential and supports you to reach success, it is only a matter of time they expose you to the network of investors when needed.

Mentors aid you in growing a strong EQ:

EQ is related to maturity. A successful mentor is matured enough to advise you on how to control your emotions and it will help you to gain good emotional intelligence which is crucial to entrepreneurial success.

A young entrepreneur, when faced with troubles and ups and downs in business, will face emotional turbulence causing to make decisions solely based on emotions. Situations like this can be helped by having a mentor for your guidance in tough times.

These reasons will change your mind to choosing the right business mentor for you as it is important to be guided by someone who had been there and had seen it all. Your chances of success in business can be expanded by having the right mentor like Brian Paes Braga. Brian Paes-Braga serves as the President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Lithium X Energy Corp.