Computers have become integral part of any professional environment. Not having basic computer skills can be a major drawback for the employed and job seekers. Having the essential computer skills help in great way to get the better earning job in technology oriented world as well as to perform better in professional environment. Every business sectors demands the professionals at all the levels with computer perfection so that they could cope up with the team leaders. If you are an unemployed or you have spare time while being in job, today is not too late to plan and get essential computer skills. But, what computer skills you should have essentially out of many?

How to Plan For Learning Computer Skill:

Ok, you were missing the essential computer skills so far. Don’t panic; today is always good time to start a good task. When you explore the computer skills that you must have, you come across many options. Choosing the most beneficial computer skill becomes a challenge, especially, when you are not much aware of this field. Here are five tips to help you choose the best computer skills for career boost:

  • Identify that you need to learn: Analyze the job description, duties, working pattern in organization. Explore “requirements” section of job description to get fair idea what you are missing.
  • Compare yourself with other professionals: if you are on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn, you can compare your skills with other professionals the check what you are missing. Check what the basic computer skills they have that you don’t have.
  • Start with basics: Don’t pull up your shocks to take high ride in computer knowledge world; start with basic skills. You can explore online tutorials for different streams and professionals.
  • Take online personalized computer training course: After getting basic idea about the computer skills that you need, join a personalized online computer course. Online learning help you continue learning with existing job without disturbing your schedule because you can set learning hours yourself.
  • Get hands-on practice: Knowing and application both are essential to use the learned skill for the professional benefits. Whatsoever you learn, practice it at home and test your perfection before applying it professionally.

Must To Have Soft Computer Skills:

  1. Fast Computer Typing Skill: The fast typing skill helps get more work done in less time with more accuracy. Taking notes of every development on notebook has become an outdated practice. Computer typing skill helps you highlight special points as well as you can maintain the easy to explore database of activities.
  2. Efficient Communication: Today, internet has become the most used medium for communication. Emails have become the widely accepted alternative of communication through paper the used to take long time with lots of uncertainties about delivery. Perfection in emailing is the basic requirement for any job.
  3. Microsoft Office: Virtually all the workers must have perfection in Microsoft Word. The individuals having perfection in mail merge, macro scripts, formatting documents and other complex functions are better recruited. MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint are the skills you must have to smoothen and expedite the workflow at your workplace.
  4. Use of Social Media: Nobody can ignore the growing importance of social media in our lives. Apart from the leading s platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp, you need to have perfection in other professional social media platforms also like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ etc. Impressive existence over these social media platforms helps you get the latest updates as well as you multiple advantages of having the ever growing community of likeminded professionals.
  5. Spreadsheets: Spreadsheet is the interactive computer application widely used in organization that needs lots of information sharing, analysis and data storage in tabular form. Familiarity with spreadsheet boosts the performance and potential of better earning. The ability to enter mathematical formulas, editing the document by any authorized person, inclusion of preset functions, graphical data display etc are the key advantages of learning Spreadsheet skill.
  6. Content Management System: Easy on-page content management, consistent branding, easy navigation, flexibility, workflow management, shared resources, database-driven, archive capability, remote access, search engine-friendliness are some salient features that make it mandatory to have CMS skill. The demand of CMS professionals is high because every business is focused on branding that needs serving the volumetric information to the target end users. Engagement and regular communication give the businesses instant boost; in addition, you can use this skill to promote yourself also.
  7. Photoshop for Graphics: Photoshop is the popular graphics designing application program that facilitates to edit photos, retouch product’ photos, images, photo manipulation, create art etc. By learning Photoshop, you become a qualified professional for photo masking, photo restoration, photo retouch, photo enhancement, logo design, banner design, T-shirt design, UI design, flyer design, business card design, eBook cover page design etc. As the importance of graphics in advertising is increasing fast, Photoshop professionals are in high demand. It gives you a chance to work from home also as freelancer and earn extra in free time.
  8. Website Designing: Web designers use creative skills and learned technical skills to design a users-friendly, aesthetically decent website. The job needs perfect blend of technical knowledge, artistic talent, business exposure and understanding of requirements. Some traits of successful website professional are natural while the other skills should be learned. The requirements of web designing and development experts were expected to grow 27 % in between 2014 to 2022; so far, the growth is as per expectations.
  9. Search Engine Optimization: Every website needs consistent promotion to get better rank in search results; here comes the role of SEO experts. You can become a certified SEO professional by joining an online short-term course. The growth potential is unlimited and the demand of even the less experienced SEO professionals is always high.


Willing to make remarkable growth just by hard working without having any computer skill seems a long dream in digital world; getting quick professional computer skill is the shortcut to boost up your career growth. Many of short-term professional courses can be attended when you are unemployed; it makes your candidature better suitable for variety of jobs.