As the fifth-largest natural gas producer in the world, Canada has placed the development of fossil fuel at high importance in supporting the local economy.  Affordable and versatile Cananadian natural gas is both abundant and the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon.

The rest of the world is taking notice.  A 2019 international research survey conducted on behalf of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) by Ipsos shows the world wants oil and natural gas “made the Canadian way.

The survey found respondents from 31 countries chose Canada as their number one oil and natural gas exporter among the world’s top 11 energy exporting nations.

CAPP president and CEO Tim McMillan commented on the accolade. “We are leaders in environmental stewardship, responsible development and sustainability. We have high expectations of our industry and that is recognized both at home and around the world.”

Contributing to the grade is that the Canada natural gas industry is rated highly in innovation and use of cutting-edge technology aimed at minimizing environmental impacts.  For example, advancements in hydraulic fracturing and multi-well drilling has allowed companies to drill multiple wells from a single location which reduces the environmental footprint of drilling activities.

Canada is also committed to reducing methane emissions from oil and natural gas operations by 45 percent by 2025. The use of new technologies is being developed to ensure the industry’s methane emission reduction targets are met or exceeded in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Another example of how Canada’s natural gas industry is aiming to reduce the carbon footprint is by using solar panels to power pumps, thus eliminating the venting of emissions that result from traditional sources of power.

Collaboration on research and innovation is also a top priority.  Institutions such as Natural Resources Canada, Emissions Reduction Alberta and a number of universities are working together to develop a ground, aerial and satellite-based methane detection network.  Additionally, Canada’s natural gas industry has partnered with the Petroleum Alliance of Canada (PTAC) on a range of projects, including the use of truck-based sensors for area methane detection.

Some 70 percent of Canadians said they prefer Canadian oil and natural gas to imports, and 52 percent believe Canada’s energy is the safest and most responsibly produced in the world.

“They agree with the rest of the world: Canada’s oil and natural gas industry should play a major role in meeting global energy demand,” said McMillan.

With a skilled and innovative workforce along with high standards for safety and technological expertise, Canada’s natural gas industry is on course to become a leading producer in the global economy. One could say the takeaway of the Ipsos survey is – the world wants more Canadian energy.