Can I Qualify For Guaranteed Loans Despite Unemployment?

There is no denial in the fact that having a regular income is necessary to have a stable financial life. You can manage your expenses adequately and availing funds from banks is convenient. However, sometimes situation goes out of your control, and you are stuck in big problems like unemployment. In the absence of timely revival, your credit ratings start falling and come to a level where you cannot win the trust of the high street lenders. The unemployment benefits you are availing will also accompany you to a limited period.

The situation becomes chaotic, and you think that now you have nothing in the name of hope. You have reasons to fear, but there is another side of the coin. In recent years, some alternative lending methods have come which can help you in crucial times of joblessness. There are few financial products offered by the online lenders like guaranteed loans that help in gaining economic sufficiency when you are jobless.

Apply without any anticipation

There is a general perception that jobless people cannot get long-term secured loans. In some sense, it is true, but after the birth of specialised online loan products, people are changing their minds. This is because online financing is comparatively flexible in its rules and policies. There you have better chances to avail funds despite unemployment. If you are able to fulfil certain conditions, you can succeed to get approval on your loan application.

Back your loan request with a guarantor

In guaranteed funding options, you need to secure your repayments and guarantor is among the popular demands that lender makes in secured loan options. If you have a guarantor, then you can avail funds without much delay and hassle. This will lessen the risk of the lender, and he will be interested in considering your loan application. The borrowed amount will help you add more pounds in your ‘not so sufficient’ unemployment benefits. Applying for the loans for unemployed people on benefits will support you in bettering your financial conditions.

Give collateral if not guarantor

During unemployment, you have less and sometimes no chances to get a guarantor. The reason, you know. Your weak financial situation can cause a financial risk to the people, and they have their own liabilities. In such condition, it is better to find a lender, who provides funds on collateral. Your capacity to provide guarantee will open a considerable number of options for you. Lenders will consider you as a safe bet to lend.

You may find some lenders that demand both guarantor and collateral. Pick them only when you can fulfil their conditions. Otherwise, by completing any of these requirements, you can borrow money. In short, backing your loan application by any kind of security will increase your chances to get guaranteed approval. You will also be able to get lower interest rates, and your repayment schedules will become manageable. Try to pay your loan repayments on time, as it is necessary to improve your credit scores.


When you borrow funds through secured financial products, you get a comparatively significant amount. This helps you in the long run. Joblessness is an uncertain situation. You cannot be sure about your next job. Besides, you have to manage numberless expenses. From monthly rental to daily travel schedule, everything demands equal attention and regular availability of money. If you have more money in your hand, your search for the new job becomes less chaotic. It is not wrong to have your own priorities, but when it comes to financial life, it is better to think of the long term consequences.

While searching for the loans online, you will also come across the short-term funding options like no guarantor loans. With these loans, you can borrow without the guarantor and collateral. However, the interest rates are high, and you get a small amount of money. Monthly instalments can also be significant. If you miss repaying on time, you can again face lousy credit situations.

Whatever decision you make, think twice. If you feel you need short-term assistance, go for the funding with a guarantor-free option or if not, then give a thought to guaranteed options. Unemployment is a crucial condition, and it can be tackled only with patient decisions and wise financial choices.

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