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British Lenders in London with HMRC registration no: 091850429 is the fast emerging private lender. As being prominent on the loan store, it offers the broadest range of loans to suit the personal needs of individuals and business owners. For over the years, it has become the preferred choice for borrowers for getting tailor-made financial help almost instantly when other routes for borrowing seem closed.

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Private Lender

Private Lender in UK

The leading private lender provides loans for any purpose. It has helped numbers of British people to grow economically faster by offering reasonably priced credits. The financial help is available for almost any need like for business support, start-up business, higher education, unemployment period, shifting to a new place for better-earning opportunity, paying pending debts, consolidating high rated loans into one reasonably priced loan etc. The direct lending agency offers same day secured and unsecured both types of credits.

The tailor-made short-term business loans help survive through the dull season and to grab the earning opportunities from high discount bulk sales. It is a good lending store helping the youths with big plans for start-up business; this type of financial help is available even for 24 months. Short term business lending is offered on flexible APRs. To avoid long term burden, the repayment period can be adjusted to a minimum period that may be 2-3 months also.

Provide Personal Loans

Personal Loan

The agency offers small amount short-term personal loans also enabling the students looking to take and higher studies. The own short-term investments are significant for the households seeking immediate cash help to meet out emergency expenses. The company claims for providing personalised financial advice secured and unsecured both. People having no asset to mortgage against the debt can apply for no- guarantor loan that doesn’t need even a guarantor. If a person is holding multiple loans, debt consolidation may be a good choice.

No credit check loans are a good choice for the people having the low credit score to whom all the regular lenders deny for lending. Paying for high-interest rate loan instalments for the years disturbs the financial stability, saving plans and peace of mind; therefore, understanding the credit score and its importance is a must. Credit report reviewing from time to time is just as it helps to know that no illegal entry is made there and also you didn’t miss a due payment because of just forgetting it. The credit report checking doesn’t influence credit rating; instead, it gives insights into possible outcomes.

Loan eligibility – British Lenders

Loan eligibility

To be an eligible applicant for a personal loan, a borrower needs to possess a valid identification document, bank account, good credit score, income proof. The borrower must be 18 years old or more and a permanent UK citizen or permanent. Instalment personal loans are available for good credit score consumers, but the applicants with a lower score are likely to pay a higher interest rate. There are numbers of smart ways to improve the actual poor credit score like checking the report for incorrect entries, paying the small debt at priority, changing the paying habits, reducing the expenses, consolidating the multiple loans etc.

Application Process

Apply loan process

The application process is natural even for the first time borrower. The simple online application form demands just a few personal details like address, postcode, date of birth, phone no., email ID, professional status, required funds etc. The professionals respond to each application within 30 minutes to proceed with the process further. Once the requirements are set and understood well, the proposal is forwarded the same day. Once you agree with terms and conditions and appreciate each and everything in a project, the funds are transferred to your account latest by the next working day.

The agency asks, again and again, to go through the proposals repeatedly to understand every clause. The agency offers online assistance also to make the deal transparent. The agency facilitates to set up online account management page to monitor loan balance and make payment with liberty to change account setting as required. The quick process, unique support model, transparency, a vast range of loan products, personalised proposals, competitive interest rate, flexibility in terms and conditions etc. make this loan store favourite to the UK households.

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British Lenders is a direct lending agency; therefore, the borrowers save a lot on account of the commission of the broker. As being the FCA authorised lending firm, the agency follows all the regulations set by Govt. and FCA; therefore, it deals in only genuine lending that may be a disadvantage to grab more business opportunities but in the interest of borrowers.

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At The Blog On Finance, we aim to provide a general overview of a UK lender’s services and reviews through a standard rating process. After a thorough research and discovery period, here’s how stacks up: at a Glance
Overall Rating
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Availability (credit requirements, geographic reach) 🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑
Ease of Use 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑
Transparency 🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑

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