Hey Guys , welcome to our website blogonfinance.com. In this post we will learn about some famous unknown games and their cheat codes which will surely help you in the Game . If you are a true Game lover read this
post completely .

1 . Age Of War

Age of war as the name suggests it is a strategy game . In which if you have to survive you have to build a continuous stream of your army to defend your civilisation and attack the enemy . Your civilisation will evolve through 5 different time periods starting at the stone age . With each level clear you will be moved to the next time period and your building skills will evolve . You must continue to build new army to protect your civilisation and attack on the enemy.

There are several different types of power in each army and for each enemy you kill you will be rewarded with XP – XP can be powerful to develop your civilisation or unlock a devastating special attack on the enemy . In order to survive you must have built a different range of army to combat the variety of army that enemy will build . The game looks easy but it is also challenging .

( Tip : Use your special attack when on os ready ).

1.1 Tips , Tricks and hints to pass out the game

You should try to be defensive and stay on your turrets to build the most powerful turrets in your current age . The best Turrets in every age is

Stone age Egg automatic
Castle age Fire catapult
Pilgrim age Small cannons which will be evolve in larger cannons
Modern age Double cannons don’t look for the missile launcher
Futuristic Either wait for blue cannons or look out for 2 super soldiers

Easiest way to win

Buy a turret , I suggest you buy a second turret like the egg launcher and fire cannons . In my opinion you should always go with fire cannons. Allow your enemies to come closer to your base and build a single infantry guy or an archer team . They will kill maximum no of enemies and will die alone . You may not have 100 health in the last but it is the easy way to win.

( Tip – Ion Cannon turret = Winning button )

2 . Douchebag workout 2

Douchebag workout 2 is the second version of Douchebag workout. It is a popular game . It will make you laugh and help you to time pass . This game is all about building muscles , making a good personality , turning up for a ride and impressing chicks in the club . It helps the guy to become strong , stud , Healthy and sexy . You can go to Gym , barber , massagist and the rest of the places . Your goal is to become ultimate, Douchebag for the beach party that will held in 14 days.


3 . Pole Rider

Pole Rider is an online flash game . It means you don’t have to download this game in order to play . It is a multiplayer game which means 2 players can play this game simultaneously . In this game 2 pole vaulters are holding a long pole in the air while facing each other The goal is easy in this game; you have to hit or kick the ball or apple on the base of your friend or enemy with a pole in your hands . With each successful goal you will move forward to win the game . The 1 player will play using WASD keyboard and the 2 player will play by using arrow keys.

If you love to play multiplayer games then i am sure you will like this game.


In order to defeat your friend First you should try to play solo player.

4 . Earthbound

Earthbound is also known as mother 2 in japan . It is a japanese game developed in 1994 . In this game the player controls a party of characters who travel in a 2 dimensional world of the game which is composed of villages, cities, caves and dungeons . Along the tour the player fights with enemies and with each win he will be awarded with experience points . If enough experience points are acquired the player character’s level will be increased . It will help in increase of Hp and defence points of the character.

When physical contact occurs between the player and the enemy the map is converted into battle mode . Once an enemy Hp reduces to 0 It means you have defeated the enemy . If a specific type of enemy is defeated then there are chances that you will receive items . You can use these items in further games . Characters can also use special powers once their PP is reached maximum . Characters will also face damages which result in lower down of Hp . Once Hp is reached 0 the character will be eliminated and if all characters Hp reach 0 the player will be out of the match . If the player catch enemy from behind he will be have an advantage of first move same case will be happen with enemy.

In order to win you have to survive battles and kill your enemies.

Cheat codes of Earthround

Infinite Super Bombs DE1C-81F9
Infinite Bottle Rockets D01D-85F9
Infinite Big Bottle Rockets D017-8029
Infinite Brain Food Lunch DE99-E1F5
Infinite Cup of Life Noodles DE56-80F9
Infinite Kraken Soup DE18-7920
Infinite Large Pizzas DE93-8025
Infinite Magic Truffles DE97-E095
Infinite Peanut Cheesebars DE5A-E0B0
Infinite Bottles of DX Water DE5B-59B9
Infinite Magic Puddings DE5B-59B9
Infinite Bread Rolls DE9A-E595
Infinite Cookies DE96-59F5
Gives 60 HP a bread roll instead of 30 DC92-E095
300HP for bread roll 7F92-E0 7F92-E095
Cookie gives 30 HP instead of 6 D996-51F5
60HP a cookie DC96-51F5
300 HP a cookie 7F96-51F5

5 . Tank Trouble 2

Tank trouble 2 is an online flash player game. It means you don’t have to download this game in order to play. You can directly play this game online.

About this game

It is a simple game but the gameplay is very high and addictive . You can play upto 3 players at a time . You have to compete with 2 other players to show supremacy against 2 players in the maze arena . You have to be very careful in the maze arena because you can hit your own tank with your bullets.

How to play

The gameplay is simple and easy . A player can operate his tank by keyboard . The different directional arrows will help the tank to move in different directions . To fire the tank the player had to press spacebar To fire continuously the player can hold the spacebar or simply tap on the space bar.

Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is simple . The player’s tank must be the last one standing in the maze . Players get points if they manage to give damage to the opponent tank . More points will be awarded if they manage to destroy enemy tank completely.

You can read more about here : How to play tank trouble unblocked game

6 . Tron ( Video Game )

Tron is a coin operated video game developed in 1982 . The game consists of 4 main sub games inspired by the Walt motion disney picture, Several other games were released related to tron game but it is not the actual arcade . It was based on the elements of the movie.

About the Game

Tron consist of 4 sub games based on the events and characters of the movie . The goal of the game is simple and easy to clear 12 levels of the game by completing each of the sub games.

The sub games are as following –

I/O Tower

The player must reach I/O tower also known as the input output tower within a set time limit avoiding or destroying the bug . The bugs are as enemy here.


The player had to break through the rotating shield while protecting the MCP cone . Player had to keep in mind no or little damage should be done to MCP cone and enter the cone without touching the shield blocks.


In this the player guide Trons blue light cycle to force the opponent light cycles into walls and jet trails simultaneously avoiding them.


The player had to move his red battle tank through the maze, destroying the opponent tank by hitting them 3 times . Enemy tank can wrap to the random location in the maze by moving into a diamond itno the center.

Cheat codes of Tron

C74f395f = Unlock Quorra suit.
● 25E0DE6B = Unlock the island, the tank and battle map
● Lcsupersharpslide = Sharps the drift of your bike.
● Lctalltrails = light trails off your bike becomes larger.

So here are some Famous games played world wide . I hope you like some of the games . If you like please tell us in comment section and share it with your friends