Do you like when people roll their eyes on you and go crazy about you? Who don’t like it? Everybody does as people are almost lost in taking different styles of selfies these days and want to try it with new style. Taking a good selfie is in trend. People are actually flaunting their profiles with #selfie. In fact, you will go out in the outer world or should we say the ‘selfie world’. In that space, you will see that every age group is so addicted towards new and best way to click selfie and also want to know how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini. The question is do you know the best tip to capture it.

Selfie Capture

No, not everyone knows that what is the best way to click a perfect selfie? However, don’t you think that before taking some tips you should know something else? First of all, you should know that

What a selfie means and how seriously people take it?

It can give you more deep idea. A selfie is something that people take as the most loving memories with their family and friends. It is one of the sweetest gestures that people like showing off for their loved one. In addition, capture it for always not just in their back of the mind but also in form of selfie.

What a Selfie  Wow!

Now come back to the main topic, which we discussed above. What are the best tips to take perfect selfie? Want to know what exactly it is so now let us look at the 7 tips that can help you for sure. Read all the # clearly and try something new every day.


Are you the fun loving person who likes playing with colours and want to try something new every time? Then you should try to take selfie with different colours in your picture. People like adding pastel colours or bright one to make their picture more interesting. In fact, you can use some interesting elements to play with colours like-

  • Sunglasses
  • Glasses or shades 
  • Trendy Hat Caps
  • Scarf’s or mufflers

How about trying all these items to give your picture the best and better way to make it a perfect selfie? Try something new always and look things in new manner.


A fake smile is never a good option. The moment, you fake things, whether people notice you or not but your picture capture it and make it look horrible.

Natural Smile

If you are looking for a perfect selfie then never try to hide your natural smile. In addition, there is a trend also going of real picture so be in trend and run with it only.

A natural is something that comes from your heart and gives the best feeling ever. Even when you post it or show it anyone, it gives your acquaintances happy feeling.


Who like shadow in the picture but not able to cut it and give your picture a perfect look?

There are many ways through which you can hide the shadow from the background. Cover it with butter paper or use some cloth.

In fact, to do it in better ways, research it and make it a perfect shot. A selfie is something that can be always with you as wonderful memories so work hard to keep it safe always. Just crop the shadow from the image and you will see that it automatically gives a fresh and better look.


Every phone has feature of filters nowadays and you can even download some different apps for filters.

On the other hand, if you are iPhone user, then you do not need to add any new application in your phone. It already has so many filters then why not to try all of them, who knows what suits your complexion and location. Trying something new is not a bad idea as you can easily do it. It will only help you to enhance your knowledge and click a best selfie ever.


Going for angles is always a best idea as you jump into many new things. Maybe you are not a person who likes clicking pictures in different angles but how about trying. It is never the best option as you can give yourself new ways try some postures and gestures.

New Angle Selfie

Even there is a chance that you will love one angle and it gives a charm that you have always wanted and actually makes your picture a better and a best click of all the time.


Yes…yes…we know that it is super tiring to click too many pictures but give it a try at least. When you click too many images in one go, then there is high chance that one or two pictures will come out as the best selfie. Yes it can be boring to hold the phone from one hand do to many clicks but how about multi-shot mode and different expressions. Yes, now here we are talking in the best way and better plan that everyone can actually carry on for a perfect selfie and look the best.


You must be aware with a neutral expression and lights but do you know that a perfect selfie always come in natural lighting? If you are using a low quality phone then it can be complicated call for you to take.

On the other hand, if you are using one of the expensive and latest phones then you can rock the natural lighting image. Go in the sun and do not use any filter. Click with the natural lighting and you will see that your face is actually glowing in front of sun. Try to click one with moon, as it will also give you another best shot and memorable picture.

  • To run the selfie chapter

Next time if you will get confused before clicking the perfect selfie, re-read this blog and refresh the thought. A good quality phone actually helps you to take the perfect image. Moreover, do you know that people actually spend a lot just to have perfect click. In fact, you travel miles away just to click a picture in the awesome location. Even without knowing the future consequences that they can get stuck into also.

perfect selfie

They spend pounds on expensive phones and best selfie sticks just to give it the perfect click and which cost them a lot and leave with zero funds in their pocket. Besides that, they take funding help from traditional lender just to keep them update.

In doing all the show off, they run out of money and not able to repay it on time. It is one of the most complicated times in which people feel so helpless.

In the end

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