8 Tips to Make Job Change a Grand Success

Job change is not a temporary phase; almost all of us always look for better opportunities. Even if you get a satisfactory job, the possibility of job change never ends. Nearly 75.7 % of UK professionals will start the new career if they get a chance suggesting that they are not happy with a current job. According to CV-Library’ report, almost 39.9 % of employed professionals are unhappy in current roles. Nearly 54.2 per cent professionals have the liberty to work from home. The globalisation and industrial restructuring are providing lots of opportunities to the capable and efficient professionals; and, here emerges the need to do some essentials at a current job to succeed in finding a better job.

Know the Future of particular skill in the UK:

Understanding the skills, attributes, knowledge etc. that are going to contribute in career building is a must for every professional. The global trends keep the demand for particular skills fluctuating. Before setting the new learning priorities, you must know the potential of jobs with that distinct qualification addition. The top positions for the graduates in 2019 are expected to be – data analyst, technical architect, chief customer social media officer, senior accountant, HR manager, hospitality manager, information security specialist, Java developer, technical sale advisor etc. If we talk about the business sectors going to offer high salaried jobs in 2019, then the financial services, business accountancy, legal experts, digital marketing, computer hardware etc. are going to rank the top.

There is no better time than today to enhance your skills for better job change success, but you can simplify the job change task by doing some smart activities at a current job without affecting the performance. The numbers of people turn off the emails and unsubscribe from the post and trade-related platforms and newsletters just after finding a job; don’t close the doors; let the opportunities come.

Eight Tips to Make Next Job Change a Great Success

If you fancy a career change in 2019 for enhanced earning, better designation, better organisation, better future scope, better environment, more learning opportunity etc., the following eight tips will help you make next job change a great success:

  1. Learn the New Skills:

Learn the New Skills

Always look for learning new programs or skills as there are numbers of online opportunities exist that never ask you to compromise with current job responsibilities. Learning is a never-ending process. If you have financial obligations towards the family also and don’t have required funds to join new training course, get the Govt. benefits for higher education otherwise the no guarantor personal loan from a credit union or direct lenders will help you make the job change a grand success.

  1. Expand your network:

Job Network

Leverage the benefits of social media platforms. Expand the system to know what the latest is and what is trending in your sector. The new developments in any business sector are shared over social media network. Roping in the office people also helps you know about yourself better. Taking small action towards the career change on a daily basis is a good practice. It helps to keep the ball rolling without feeling overwhelmed. Small daily activity needs hardly 10 minutes that you can find during lunch break or commute.

  1. Build relationships:

Build Relationships

Not only go through the posts shared over social media platforms but respond too. These are good to update your knowledge, but you should be active participant responding, commenting, asking, sharing etc. Knowing the others’ experience helps you decide right. Follow the professionals in target trade with significant achievements; your presence at their profile will make you noticed.

  1. Build a good relationship with the boss:


Numbers of bosses help the supportive staff to build the career. They can recommend you for a particular job opening. They can endorse your capabilities to make your online presence more impressive. Endorsement from the boss is regarded as the significant achievement and as a seal upon your efficiency, knowledge, expertise, efforts, commitment etc.

  1. Make your achievements acknowledged:


Whatever you achieve, let it be recognised by followers and social media friends. Share the individual tasks, experience, applied strategy, the way of implementation etc. to showcase your professionalism. The HR professionals are more interested in your achievements rather than the documents; your results convince them for the capability to handle a particular job.

  1. Spare some time for job hunting:

Job Hunting

Most of the employed people hardly get enough time for job hunt because of their tight schedule and family responsibilities. Spare some time to assess – what is better for you and how to achieve it? According to Lis McGuire, founder of CV writing service Giraffe CVs, “Before starting a search for a new job or career advancement, spare some time for “getting to know yourself”.

  1. Do targeted research:

Target Research

When you are on job hunting, try to have more information to decide right and promptly with confidence. Prepare a wish list of desired and that you don’t want. Speak to the people who are working in the target field. Share your plans and ask for advice. Detail – what you have got, what you wish to have and why you plan this way. Once you are ready with your list, you will be in a better position to identify potential employers as your career goals.

  1. Take your time to focus on quality rather than quantity:

The numbers of jobs you apply for don’t matter as much as referring to the right situation does. Take time to do the things right. Some rejections may demoralise you but don’t let it happen because you are already in a good job. Check your CV and cover letter to make the updates. Avoid using ‘one-click apply’ button; instead apply for each job accordingly because different job openings need different specialisation that you have to be highlighted.

Concluding Note:

Brand yourself in the job market by highlighting your specialities and achievements. The focused researches, knowing all about the target job, a good relationship in trade, robust and active presence over social media, zeal to enhance professional skill are the critical milestones for making the job change a grand success.

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