The numbers of people working from home have surged during recent years; the growth was fueled by years’ long economic downturn that forced many British households to come out of traditional 9 to 5 or 10-6 eight hours office jobs. The technological advances also made it easier to work virtually being stayed in the comfort zone of home. The Office for National Statistics stated that around four million people including women are working from home; an increase of 9pc was noticed over a decade. The famous jobs site ‘Indeed’ listed the 10 most lucrative payout freelancing opportunities in Britain.

Why Work From Home Is A Good Idea For Ladies:

Mums work from home

The concept of working for home has hyped in recent years as most of the businesses went technically sound better. The companies are adopting this concept because they are at multiple benefits by hiring virtual assistants. Like the idea of working for home crushed the traditional boundaries for earning money, the roadmap is being followed by large numbers of women; and, UK ladies are also not behind in taking the earning money advantage of this relatively new trend. Let’s have a peep into the reasons that make working from home a good idea for ladies:

  • Less distraction by conversations, crowd, phone calls and gossips etc
  • More focused to give hundred per cent
  • Less commuting time and efforts
  • Increased productivity because of saving time for not going to an office
  • Utilising the breaks better in a relaxing manner
  • Low expenses that you made while working outside
  • Work and family balance
  • Freedom to work anytime and from any place

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The Best 7 Business Ideas for Home Stay Ladies:

  1. Design Bespoke Items:

If you are a creative-minded woman, creating bespoke items at home is a novice idea that provides unlimited earning money opportunities. Each festive season triggers the demand of wall – table decor items, furnishing items, homemade cakes, flowers, jewellery, beauty products etc. Design the more in demand type items and sell it on the famous online shopping portals like Amazon, eBay etc. Alternatively, you can launch your online store also. The free open source platforms allow creating an e-commerce store with all the necessary features and functionalities without any significant investment.

  1. Provide Consultancy:

Chances are, through your life and career you’ve developed a specific set of skills. As a consultant, you can offer advice and expertise in your field to other people and businesses. You don’t need to worry for job titles but think the space where you are able to add values like to make the people’s lives more straightforward, more comfortable, cost saver, better. You have business skills and experience both; so, you can start providing business consultancy also for problem-solving, marketing, innovation, strategy formulation etc. You may be required to visit a business complex for providing business consultancy, but most of the work can be done while being at home.

  1. Work as Freelancer:

It is you to identify your professional skills, competencies, and experience. Whatsoever professional skills you have, think to use it for professional gains. Writing, designing, computer programming, counselling are some options that have unlimited growth opportunities. Instead of being a full-time employee, you work from home at your convenience.  The flexibility to attend the home and family responsibilities makes this option an excellent choice for the young moms having a baby to look after. As you get more time to work, you can increase the assignments also. Earning money depends upon how much you work and what kind of work you do.

  1. Get the Benefits of Hobby:

Everyone has some hobby. As per survey reports, one in three British people thinks that they are better at hobby than the day job. Do you like writing novel/ stories, making decor items, baking cakes, cooking or fitness teaching? Whatsoever hobby you have, just think to earn money from it. By selling cakes, decor items, supplying food at homes, conducting 1-2 hrs fitness classes etc. options may bring handsome income without asking you to go office. Writing small stories for kids is a good concept, but it needs little time to get recognition. Research, research and research is the success mantra.

  1. Work as a Self Employed Insurance Agent:

Most leading insurance companies appoint insurance agents in different localities to provide personalised service at the earliest. You can become an insurance agent by passing a simple test. It hardly needs much movement outside; even if you have to meet out a client, it is near to home. You get a handsome commission on the insurance business. As much insurance policies you do, as much you earn money. The income increases automatically as you become old in this business line. Despite the online facilities for insurances, many people don’t dare to invest unless they know a person in their community who could guide them and could assure them for the security and return of investment.

  1. Work as a Virtual Professional:

This option has unlimited growth opportunity that depends upon your skill and experience. You can opt for teaching online, online training for particular competition, online homework help, research assistance, data compiling, assisting in resume creating, guiding for interviews, job placement consultancy, blogging, copywriting etc. The earning money is proportionate to inputs, and it is directly linked to your performance. The demand for virtual professionals in all the business sectors is increasing fast because businesses are emphasising for faster turnaround services; virtual assistant helps the firms to do so by working in off hours.

  1. E-commerce Reselling:

As an e-commerce reseller, you don’t need to produce some products and sell on their own. Buy the products from the local sources that are manufacturing the products to eliminate the middlemen’s profit and sell them on popular e-commerce platforms. It doesn’t need massive investment because you buy the small quantity items. You can start this business from anywhere with an option to buy some unique products online also.

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Concluding Note:

Numbers of ways of helping the homestay moms earn money handsome are increasing as the technology is making advances. Numbers of successful mom entrepreneurs can inspire you to start an entrepreneurial journey. Whatsoever way you pick to earn money as homestay mom, you must:

  • Plan the working hours
  • Fix the working schedule
  • Identify customer(s) segment.
  • Understand client’s and their lifestyles.
  • Research the marketplace.
  • Identify your capabilities.
  • Define your USP.
  • Have a marketing strategy.